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Why Writers Should Go Outside More

Writers like to hunch over our screens in dimly lit rooms with a steady stream of tea or coffee to keep us warm while we type our little hearts out. When we do get out, it’s so we can hunch over our screens in dimly lit cafes with a steady stream of hot drinks and carbohydrates to keep us going.

But there’s an important part of the writing process that happens without being on a computer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often enough.

Why should writers go outside more?

To learn

Being able to experience what you’re writing about makes the content that much better. In my time as a writer, I’ve toured a bread processing facility (you really have to get every single hair in the hair net), gone behind the scenes of an Ikea, and watched small business owners in their element.

The content I wrote after those experiences was more precise and authentic. It’s one thing to hear or read about the subject you’re writing on. It’s another thing to experience it.

To connect

Writers should connect with each other. And with other marketers. And people who work out in the field. And the people who use the products and services they write about. Many of us are introverts, but talking to people has its benefits.

When you’re connected to what – and who – you write about, it comes through.

To recharge

Finally, going outside is also a good way to recharge your batteries. Staring at the screen doesn’t always get your juices going. Exercise and non-writing creative tasks are great ways to give your writing brain a break.

Writers who get away from the screen – to learn, to get inspiration, or to simply talk to other human beings – produce better work.

If you hire writers, give them an opportunity to get hands on with your product or service, as well as the people who make and use it.

If you are a writer, go outside! It’s not too bad, I promise.

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