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Talking About Smart Cities...It's About the People

A few weeks ago, I attended the first ever Smart Cities Newsweek Momentum Awards. The event was an opportunity to honor designers, builders, and innovators who are working to make cities more sustainable, socially equitable, and economically viable.

It’s about people

As each of the winners were announced, there was one common thread: despite all of the innovative technologies and approaches they used, people were the focus of their work.

How can we make Times Square better for people? How can we make the internet more accessible to the people of Medellin? What can we do to make ever-growing cities more affordable for the people migrating to them?

Make content about humans, not technology

When you’re creating content about smart cities, it’s really tempting to focus on the tech. The mechanisms behind the innovation are pretty cool. And if that’s what your business focuses on, all day, every day, it’s hard to detach yourself from it.

But don’t forget about the people. The innovators who are driving the technology haven’t.

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