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Build Credibility With Content


Content for content’s sake just doesn’t cut it

To connect with your buyers, you need to offer them fresh, original content that validates your expertise.


What does that look like?

The answer lies with your subject matter experts (SMEs) and your customers. Your audiences value original insights from your SMEs. They want to know how you solve problems for companies like theirs.


I’ll help you build credibility and differentiate your brand with thought leadership, case studies, and brand stories.


Share insights and stories that set you apart

The best content comes from listening to the people who make and use your product or service. I understand how to interview your SMEs and customers to zero in on the right insights. With those insights, I create differentiated content that resonates with your audiences.

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Image by Austin Distel
Image by Jason Goodman

Thought Leadership Planning & Writing

Case Studies

Brand Stories

Capture your SMEs’ unique perspectives.

Show proof of your promise.

Don’t just tell the world your brand’s values. Show them.



I’ve been a B2B content marketer for 10+ years. In that time, I’ve worked in various capacities, all centered around content:


  • Developed and executed content marketing strategies

  • Interviewed subject matter experts in areas ranging from commercial cleaning to commercial printing

  • Written content that supports every stage of the buyer’s journey


I channel all of that experience to help you become a go-to resource for your audiences, inspire prospects to buy, and turn your customers into loyal advocates.



Ready to get started?

Tell me what you're working on.

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