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Eye-Opening Content Marketing Statistics to Help You Sharpen Your Strategy

We marketers love data, and there’s no shortage of research on content marketing. If you want to stand out, speak to your audience’s needs, and solve your marketing challenges, start with the insights in this blog.

No matter how sophisticated your content marketing efforts are, these stats will help you refine your strategy.

What do successful content marketers do?

Everyone’s doing content marketing, but not everyone is doing it well. Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs identified key differentiators between the most and least successful B2B content marketers in their yearly survey.

Start with a strategy. Sixty-nine percent of the most successful B2B marketers have a documented strategy. Only 16% of the least successful ones do.

If you’re not using content to engage with your current clients, you’re missing out. Only 39% of the least successful B2B marketers are using this tactic, compared to 84% of the successful cohort.

Help guide your audience through their journey. On average, 48% of B2B marketers craft content based on specific stages of the customer journey. But when you look at the most successful ones, 75% always create content based on stage.

If you find yourself identifying with any of the least successful content marketers, don’t beat yourself up. Use these insights as an opportunity to make a change.

Which types of content should you focus on?

Blogs are worth their weight in gold. Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. (Hubspot)

Medium-length blogs are juuusst right for most of your audience. 75% of readers prefer to read articles with fewer than 1,000 words. (Contently)

Audiences are hungry for content that helps them do their jobs better or keeps them one step ahead. BuzzSumo analyzed more than 52,000 B2B articles and found these headlines performed best:

  • “The Future of”

  • “How to use”

  • “Need to” (without “Know”)

  • “How to Create”

  • “Here’s How”

  • “You Need to Know”

Which problems can content solve?

Use content to engage your audience. Fifty-seven percent of B2B marketers say getting targeted prospects to engage is one of their biggest challenges. (Chief Marketer)

Demonstrate your value. Sixty-one percent of C-Suite executives are willing to pay more to work with companies that have clearly articulated their vision through thought leadership. (Edelman/LinkedIn)

Upsell to your current customers. Fifty-five percent of decision-makers said they increased their spend with an organization after engaging with its thought leadership content. (Edelman/LinkedIn)

Ready to implement some of the insights in this blog? I’d love to help. Let’s talk.


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